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The Video Chat industry provides one of the most exciting and versatile jobs available today. Video Chat Models enjoy working from the privacy of their own homes, set their own hours, and are in complete control of what they do and who they do it with. Some models join to make extra cash while others make it their primary source of income! For more information on how it works, read through our FAQ.

THE XMCAMS.COM NETWORK? is NOT affiliated with Streammate, Video Secrets, Live Jasmin or any of the other networks. If you work for any of these companies, you’re welcome to work on our sites as well and there will be no conflict. Unlike other networks, XM Cams maintains a good balance between traffic and models online, so when you login, you’ll always have customers in your room. No encoders, no hassles, great service and pay!


Our success is driven by our Models. In order to ensure your success, offers top nothc model support including access to Live Operator Tech support. We offer versatile payment methods including Direct Deposit to your USA bank Account, Check by Mail and PayPal payments. (Please note: these payment methods are available only to those models who sign up through us and receive daily payments as a CMS referred model)

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You will need: A PC, A Webcam and High-Speed internet


You will need: A Government Issued Photo ID and your SSN


Submit the online application and wait for your approval to start

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become A Video Chat Model?

To be considered for hire, you must be a female, male, couple or transgender over 18 years of age who is: friendly, open minded, flirty, sexual and a bit of an exhibitionist. You can apply by completing the webcam model online application We will review your submission and verify your ID photos. If everything looks good, we will send you a model agreement for you to sign electronically. Typically you get approved within 1 business day, so you can then begin immediately.As a reminder, you must join through our link if you wish to receive daily pay. If you do not signup through our link, then you will get paid per the terms listed on the website

What Does A Video Chat Model Do?

You will chat with tons of guys during your online shows. Many of them are going to want to get to know you better and start a virtual girlfriend experience with you. For this privilege, they are going to pay you by the minute for your time together. Similar to an actual relationship, they will spend time chatting as well as sharing some more intimate moments between the two of you. The more virtual relationships you establish, the more money you make! The best part is, it is strictly virtual. No contact information is exchanged so you are always 100% Safe. To ensure all of your relationships are “Long Distance”, we provide you with the ability to block up to 5 states, cities or countries. people from blocked regions will not be able to view your shows.

What Website(s) Will I Appear On?

Our models appear a network of high traffic chat websites (more than 100 currently) with over 25,000 visitors per month. If you use our Geo Restriction service (To block up to 5 countries, States or Cities), this number will be less, since visitors and websites from the states/countries you block will not show your profile or performances.

How Much Do Virtual Chat Models Typically Make?

By far, the most asked question we receive is how much money will I make This depends on how many virtual relationships you build. Obviously, the more time you spend online, the more virtual boyfriends you will have and the more money you will earn. Your earnings percentage ranges from 25% to 35% of the billed rate depending on your per minute rate. You can view the complete details at before completing the application.

How Often Will I Get Paid?

Everyday Can Be your Pay Day! Payments are made daily Monday through Friday on non-holidays. How often you get paid will depend solely on how often you work. The Network is open 24/7/365, so you have the potential to get paid 5 times a week if you decide to work everyday.

How Will I Get Paid?

Models have the option to be paid by: Check By Mail or using Chase QuickPay or by Direct Deposit to a non-chase bank account.

Do I Have A Set Work Schedule?

NO. You can work whenever they wish, you are your own boss! One of the reasons being a Webcam Model is a growing trend, is the ease and convenience of being able to work when you want: students can work around class schedules, professionals can perform at night to earn extra cash, and many people consider this their full-time job! While you will pick when you work, it is an expectation of all models to work a minimum of 15hrs/week to remain an active model with the network.

I Have Never Done Anything Like This, Will You Help Me Get Started?

Absolutely. Besides providing you with a complete Model manual, XM Cams will also provide you with a video training aid so that you feel confident about getting that first show started. They also have a live operator on the site ready to assist you when needed. XM Cams takes training and support very seriously.

Will I Be Asked To Pose Nude?

Like a real relationship, your virtual relationships will also require some intimacy to keep them exciting and worthwhile for both you and the client. The only time you may be asked to pose nude is during paid chat when you are isolated from all other clients. There is no nudity allowed in free chat. Generally, fulfilling the role of virtual girlfriend will not only require you to appear nude, but also to perform solo sexual acts and it is considered to be a part of the job for a successful model. Models are encouraged to tell their clients up front what they will or won’t do, so there are no misunderstandings. If you do not think you will be able to get past the initial discomfort of performing nude, then this is probably not going to be a good fit for you. (Most models are nervous for about the first 30 minutes until they realize how easy the job actually is, and then they love it!)

Will You Report My Income To The IRS?

Yes. As a Legitimate Corporation, XM Cams is required by law to send a 1099 annual earnings report to both you and the IRS if your income exceeds $600 in a calendar year. As an independent contractor, it will be your responsibility to report all income and complete tax filings as required by the IRS. NOTE: Our Anonymous Company Name (not linked to any adult business when searched online) will appear on your tax forms. This protects you from having someone be able to determine the source of your revenue. You can say you do whatever you like and we’ll always back your story when needed (within the limits of the law).

Is My Identity And Personal Information Kept Private?

Your personal information will never be used for anything other than your initial account approval. We never release any information about you to anyone unless absolutely required to do so by warrant or court order. You will also have a “Stage name” that can not contain any part of your real name in it in order to protect your privacy.

Can Clients Find Out Where I Am Located?

Absolutely not. All personal information about you remains private, and your IP address is not accessible or identifiable by clients or website visitors. You will encounter many clients who want to know what city or state you live in. If you give an answer, it does not have to be (and should not be) a truthful one.

Can I Block People In Certain Locations From Seeing My Shows?

Yes. Our performers can block visitors by Country, City and State (U.S. only), and create up to 5 blocked areas which can be edited or removed at any time. Furthermore, you can also block clients that disrupt your performance, in real-time, from viewing your shows. We always want you to feel safe and in control of who gets to enjoy your shows.

Can I Hide My Face While On Camera?

No. Clients would not pay to talk to someone afraid to show their face, especially when other models are not hiding. If you are too embarrassed to be recognized by someone you know, outside of your blocked regions, being a virtual chat model may not be a good fit for you. Exceptions will be considered for models who perform in the BDSM category where a mask is considered part of the outfit or show.

What Happens If I Want To Quit Or Stop Working For Awhile?

You can terminate your contract at any time. You may request we reactivate it again at any point in the future as long as your account was not terminated for disciplinary reasons. We will consider reactivating accounts on a case-by-case basis

Do I Have To Look Like A Super Model Or Have A Certain Body Type To Do This?

Although being attractive is certainly a plus, your personality will play a big part in your success, as most customers want someone who doesn’t just look good, but is also interesting and easy to talk to. With more than 500 thousand people visiting our Network monthly, there are literally hundreds of men looking for exactly what you have to offer regardless of your looks or body style.

Will I Have To Pay You Anything To Get This Job?

Absolutely not. We never charge our models any fees, either up front or ongoing. We receive a share of the overall revenue directly from our network, so chat models are not charged directly for any of the services we provide them.

Can I Join If I Do Not Live in the USA?

Yes, XM Cams hires international models. Currently we do not offer any Daily Pay options for models outside of the USA. This means you will work for Xm Cams directly and get paid using the payment methods they offer for international accounts.


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